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Engraving Dreams

Posted by Joanna Rubini on

We also do your classic basic engraving with our laser...We engraved on bone on this knife using Old English font...
Engraved knife











On these wedding rings we laser engraved the couple's first initials in a pattern around the band...

 Laser engraved wedding bands 

One this one we laser engraved a child's handprint on one side, with the mother's fingerprint wrapping around from front to back and finally finished Stainless steel dog tag laser engraved with handprint, fingerprint, and logo, by Rubini Jewelerswith the father's soccer team logo. I think it was a gift for the dad- so he could have his 3 passions with him always.

This whacky creation is a custom-made sterling silver watch band per the customer's specifications- he drew the fish and we madeSterling silver fish engraved watch bad the watch band and engraved the creature.

Next are a few samples of hand engraving- we did some hand engraved pictures in sterling silver, engraving on semi-precious stones, and some classic hand engraved text in sterling silver.

hand engraved rowing scenesHand engraved text

The sky is the limit!









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