Jewelry and...Anxiety?

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I know what you are thinking, what kind of a blog topic is that? But there it is: I, Joanna Rubini, have anxiety about what I should write about in this Rubini Jewelers Blog. And a million other things!  I awoke this morning with a pinched face- anxious about our busy spring season thanks to the rowing racing being in full swing and our generous load of custom jewelry to be made.  How will we organize our displays for best viewing in the store? What is the best way to transport, show, and sell our custom team blade jewelry?  Where did I put my favorite diamond tincup necklace? What healthy food can I feed my finicky, yeast-prone wonderful weimaraner so that he can continue to thrive and be loving and attentive to my in-store customers? How best can I broach a tricky topic with my partner when all I can visualize is his skeptical face? What jewelry should I wear to best impress?

I barely made it out the door to go row this morning with the weight of my worry.  I even named her:  'Hello Anxietia' I said. She was underweight and scrawny, with stringy, dirty greasy hair and haunted eyes.  'Poor you' I told her with compassion. I imagined getting a massage and pouring out my worries so they were exposed and vulnerable to judgement and solution! Then I went to work tackling her issues. I imagined her transformation from overwhelmed incapable human to Xena, warrior woman with strong body, brain & hair- able to break BS down and tackle topics with easy baby steps.  And with Xena's perspective, everything was manageable.  She knew what to do, how to do it. I made it to the boathouse, I went out rowing...and even after I finished what could have been an anxious row in choppy log-filled water, I could still see Xena smiling.

So I know at least today what steps I should take and am perfectly capable of taking. I know sometimes displays don't work out but we try different ideas.  Sometimes wires get crossed and an unpolished tie tack gets shipped in a bunch of shiny polished ones. A deadline comes and goes and my perfectionist jewelers still want to keep nitpicking a masterpiece. As for what jewelry to wear, that's easy: Wear what feels good.  Sometimes you need courage- put on your boldest piece (Xena wears power bracelets!) Sometimes you are lonely- wear the jewelry you are most sentimental about from a dear loved one so you feel their presence. There are times when calm is what is called for- keep it super simple, like a pair of studs or a chain with or without a very small pendant. And sometimes a huge creative challenge is on task, that could overwhelm and cripple you into inaction.  But you know the solution: recognize that it's just Anxietia. Relax her. Get a mental massage. Air your fears. And then don your most unique expressive jewelry and get to work with Xena the able in mind. I can do it.  You can too ;o)

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