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This is a courageous post I'm about to embark upon writing. It's about mistakes. Are you sitting down? 


We all make errors. Even Rubini Jewelers. Sometimes we break stones.* Sometimes brittle jewelry, brought in for repair, disintegrates before our very eyes with just the lightest passage of our torch*.  And sometimes, we approach customers with what may seem to be indifference, when really what we are thinking about is the crumbled old chain in the back room and how to repair it (we always do!) Or even our mother in the hospital, our son with cancer, our ... We strive to treat everyone with equal attention and care, we intend to set every stone precisely, we want to do every single job perfectly, perfectly, perfectly. 

To the mom with 2 children who came into our store, please forgive me for being distracted.  Distracted because my safe was still locked and my grandmother had just arrived to our store and was awaiting the jewelry out of our safe to do our display, and for some reason, when it comes to her, I regress to a 5 years old scared little kid. I was distracted by my jeweler, who had begun telling me a story. But lately it seems many stories are negative, and I really don't welcome hearing that kind of tale, so I was busy cutting him off instead of welcoming you, my customer, for whom I am grateful, although I hardly behaved so. Instead, I'm sorry for sometimes being a too human human and letting this and that take me out of the now.

Thank you so much to everyone for your business and trust. We love you and appreciate you, much more than our humanness sometimes expresses.

*Any jewelry damaged in the making of this post has either been replaced or repaired.

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