OMG, I'm a fat, overeating, failure!

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We at Rubini Jewelers are, duh...jewelers.  Ring resizing is all in a day's work for us.  So if you spent the holidays over-indulging (like, ahem, moi), this can easily be solved with some handy work by our craftsmen here.  And if you have plans and New Year's resolutions to shed the holiday weight, and are hesitant to resize your rings just yet, you can go the route of the ring guard and wear the ring on a smaller finger.  What the heck? It's better than not wearing them at all...and then you are not investing much into the adjustment.

But this is really not my point...  My point is: winter time where it gets down to a uncomfortably cold temperature triggers an innate metabolic change in our human bodies to 1) slow down 2) eat more food, eat warm food, and eat comforting food.  In other words, we are genetically engineered to hibernate.  Literally- there's a fluctuation of hormones and chemicals and we just make this shift naturally. Unless we will-power ourselves into avoiding the lure of the hot stew and extra homemade pie.  Many people are successful at maintaining their salad regimen and cardio-laden regimen despite the frozen flakes falling outside.  But me, not so much.  Or at least, not this season. 

This year, I decided: to listen! And what my body said is: let's take a break from (or at least moderate) the obsessive cardio, and let's try yummy stew and butter on my yams and cozy oatmeal with wholefat milk. And so, I'm more cuddly than I was in the fall. At first, this was a hideous undertaking because especially as a woman living in the United States, we are taught to be self critical. We are taught that if we accept our perfect selves and beautiful bodies as they are, then there is something amiss and that we will likely spiral out of control and morph into hideous aliens immediately. I didn't even realize I was super self critical until I starting observing it in other people. All I wanted to do was help them take off their 'crap goggles' and help them see their real beauty that they were blinded to, but oh my goodness! I was suffering the same hallucination.  So I limit my mirror time to the parts of me that I can love fully sans judgement, I am working on feeling all my feelings fully so as not to be feeding them (including past skeletons), and I wear the jewelry that I love and that fits me where I want it to.  Miracle of miracles, my body inflammation is actually reduced now after having adopted this more tolerant and loving self awareness...which means my body may be cuddlier but my rings all suddenly fit because my fingers are less swollen.

The take away: listen to your inner body wisdom, love yourself, and enjoy your beautiful jewelry anyway that moves you.  You may even enjoy a good professional cleaning, on the house, at your fav local Rubini Jewelers!

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