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Ok, so the Olympics are coming and the Tour de France is on and there's lots of different athletic events showing on TV these days.  WHAT IS EVERYONE WEARING? So far, the track and field set take the take as far a jewelry goes.  During the shorter running events- 400meters and shorter- the GOLD CHAINS were flying.  I honestly don't understand how all those chains don't strangle them or at the very least bug them.  But THANK YOU TRACK STARS for wearing so many yellow gold chains. 

Tyson Gay I do believe wins the award for most elaborate set of gold adornment.  He sported a luscious layered look with his differing lengths of rope and assorted different link chains which set off his positively perfect pointed pitch black beard.  He made an intriguing creature to watch.  Many of his fellow competitors also sported at least 1 gold chain, mostly rope link, and those that did more often than not wore multiples.  I only spied a couple of bracelets on the men but they too were all yellow gold. A few brave men defied the trend and sported a single simple silver chain. Plus some of them wore studs proving that men too can decorate their ears and be manly. The sprinters were definitely more jewelry inclined than the distance runners.  The take away: YELLOW GOLD- it's BACK!

Shout out to Noah Lyles: Hometown pride!  He's a runner from our local high school TC Williams where the boss man Jaime Rubini coaches rowing.  Noah was awesome and just missed making the US Olympic team.  But he was awesome and one to watch for the future to be sure.  AND, he was sporting a simple elegant figaro link silver chain.  Classy and fast.  Congrats Noah! UPDATE: He DID MAKE the TEAM!  A spot opened up so Noah Lyles is going to Rio...Woohoo!!!

The women track athletes were a bit more adventurous with their jewelry- that is, more varied.  From navel rings on the rock hard abs, to layered silver necklaces with stones.  And quite a few silver crosses were apparent.  In a nutshell, the women runners were eclectic and unique in their jewelry choices and not so likely to dress alike as the men were.  Their jewelry seemed more a expression of themselves and less a popular culture statement.  (Can I say 'women power'?)

The swimmers wore earrings...the women that is.  The obvious choice to adorn oneself with the least amount of drag- after all, they are squishing into those compression suits to best sluice thru the water.  Pearl studs, stone studs, any kind of stud.   WARNING: the pool water is not good for your jewelry, but I love that those women look elegant as they are kicking butt :o)

Last night we watched the women's gymnastics trials, and although speed is not their thing, flipping upside down and big necklaces do not mix well.  Most of those girls were wearing false eyelashes and stud earrings.  The most popular stud for the acrobatic set?  HALOS of all sorts: diamonds and colored stones set amid some kind of frame.  Elegant and strong- they are the epitome of grace sheathed in muscle fiber.


The games are well underway...and so far I, Joanna Rubini, have noticed nothing!  But luckily Jaime Rubini, the boss and jeweler and daddy in my life, has noticed: a HUGE hatchet blade earring on one of the MALE single scullers (rowing), and some groovy little necklaces on the women racing in the women's rowing heavyweight doubles (like a cool little toggle necklace, and a simple chain with a charm). I actually did notice one very dedicated husband racing in a pair, wearing his wedding band!

I'll try to pay closer attention to the jewelry ;o) and less to the results!


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