How to Heal: First Step

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HOW To HEAL: What does that even mean? Healing from emotional pain, from physical pain, from carrying excess body weight, from denying yourself proper nutrition, from over reacting to little things, from trauma.  Healing can happen once we allow ourselves complete ownership of our feelings.  They can be embarrassing feelings or shameful feelings or dirty secret feelings that you think should never see the light of day. Except all those feelings stay within us if we don't let them out.START:  If you want to heal, intend to feel better.  Intend to see yourself and your life differently. Next, speak or write (or sing) the feeling or sensation or event you are struggling with or hiding.  Choose a safe way to release it.  You want to feel the sensations viscerally, bodily, deeply, powerfully, so they flow through you.  Once expressed and you are free of them, you can explore their root in you with more openness and curiosity. This will allow you to understand why things happened as they did, and you can then consciously enter into the trauma from the past and re-experience it in a more powerful way.  I say powerful here because I'm referring to events where we felt we were victims.  But there are also certainly events where we felt like we behaved badly and that misstep haunts us.  Those too are easily re-written, where you did what was right in your heart instead of whatever behavior haunts you.  If feeling all feelings can me made easy by simply narrating their sensation aloud (or on paper) then nothing lingers in us. Healing is then easy because we are not afraid of the past, its all just ideas and feelings that we can feel and then rewrite as we wish.  Do it!

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