How to Heal: Rules of Life

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The Rules of Life are : That we all have our own rules, that's why some people walk into a store and experience impatience and others walk in, even at the same exact time along side the impatience experience person, and only observe a sense of calm and curiosity. Why? We see what we feel. So when I have a so called shitty interaction, I understand that is within me.

What I learned this year: 1) Miracles happen as often as you wish. Ask for one, it will absolutely appear if you accept that it has. You open not necessarily your eyes so much as your awareness to what a miracle is. They come in different forms. Sometimes they are shaped like a mother, sometimes they are a warm glow within. Sometimes they are a message that we are loved
2) Self pity serves the purpose to assist us in recreating our perceived limitations. My self pity helped me sustain the effects of a traumatic accident from over 20 years ago, effects to which I subconsciously assigned benefits. But upon finally noticing the powerful role my pity has played in all parts of my life, I can gently redirect my thoughts and feelings in a more pro active way, thereby freeing my self, my body, my life, to heal and expand.
3) We are all divine energy separated into individuals to have a human experience. We all make mistakes. We all are better at some things than other things. My perfectionistic human self either wants to win everything, or quit before I fail, because I know that if I fail I usually do the equivalent of self flagellation. That totally sucks...I wonder why some days I feel sad. But oh wait: I spent the morning in self criticism. So I've learned to embrace that I'm a human student constantly learning, I just want to be the best at being open and learning that I possibly can be. And if I fail or withdraw or react, then I strive to be the most patient loving parent to myself possible, so I can identify my self pity and self limiting thoughts and love me a little more so I feel strong enough to get up and try again.
4) We all just want to be loved.
5) everyone has their own rules and truths that work for them. Best not to judge anyone else's way, their way might be just perfect for them.

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