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I just worked with a woman who practices Buddhism. My understanding of Buddhism is that non attachment is the way to peace. This is something that makes perfect sense especially for enlightened beings. Non attachment to anything is easy for enlightened beings. I'm not attached to any specific humans, I'm not attached to any specific material things, I'm not attached to any specific way of being safe in the world, not attached to any schedule or agenda. It is this non attachment that will completely allow source energy to dictate the flow of our lives. And if we can maintain a happy vibration then the flow of our lives delivers us a happy experience. We don't have to muscle it, we just accept and allow peace.

But what if we get so attached to our non attachment that we deny the needs of our human selves? There are certainly incarnated beings who are so enlightened as to easily practice the Buddhist way easily, who are happy to be homeless or millionaires, who are happy with others or alone, who are happy big or small. But most of us are still dealing with our humanness. Whether our attachment is good for us or not, we all have it to some extent.

The only way around this is through. If we want something (our biggest human wants are not usually material things but underneath are emotional reactions) but deny our desires because we believe in the idea of non attachment or whatever ascended spirituality we strive to live by, then our unmet human desires get stuffed down into us. We wind up walking around wounded because our human is not listening to itself.

Acknowledgement of our wants needs desires as valid and deserved does not mean we are not enlightened! It means we are. It means we hear ourselves. It means we love ourselves. When we acknowledge what our human is asking for, we can then begin to honestly and openly explore the benefits of going about fulfilling our desire or decide that the desire might be best fulfilled in our minds but not necessarily in our physical existence.

Let's try to stop spiritualizing ourselves into dis-ease. Let's try loving ourselves today.

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