Low Back Pain

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If you search spiritual/emotional message of low back pain and tightness, the description is financial based. Which, for me, is stating only the obvious. Duh...I know I have financial tightness and angst. I have for years, though with conscious attention, the fear has gone from a loud all consuming roar to a dull noise in the background. This is true for many humans- we've managed to organize and behave in our lives in such a way as to keep the fear to a minimum. When our low backs go out, even after all of our attention to maintenance and living within our means, it means...a threat to our status quo has occurred. Pay attention! Was it an unexpected dental procedure?  Even just a parking ticket can throw us out of whack.  Not that we cannot afford to pay for these things, but we usually do not choose to shell out $50 to $50K for things that are not...adorning, sexy, satisfying, gratifying, etc.

What can we do? If we already know we are concerned or upset about an unexpected expense. Just listen. Listen to you- to your ashamed that s/he's so worried or frightened self. Cliché it might be, but listen to your inner child. That little one is the voice crying to be heard, and s/he is banging on your low back, holding on for dear life, because whatever abundance thing that has occurred, it is perceived as a threat to our very existence. It may be a small thing, but not to a child. The conversation can occur...while your lying down - you can talk out loud. Or sitting comfortably, whether vocalizing aloud or visualizing the talk with your anxious child. Or while walking on familiar route. I have a sweet nickname (or several) for my own. I call to her and ask her "what's wrong?" "What are you afraid of?" "What do you imagine will happen?" Ask a question, then wait for her answer. Give her your undivided attention. We deserve to be the best parents ever created to ourselves. S/he wants to be heard. Hear your baby self. Then soothe your baby self. Visualize picking your baby/child self up and holding him/her. Rubbing her back, just as a loving parent would do for a child. Listen and soothe and listen and soothe, until s/he has let out all her/his worries.  

You will find, you are better equipped to tackle how you can afford the unexpected expense in the present. And your child self will let go of your lower back.

Is stretching good?  Yes, especially gently dynamic moves. And especially following the above practice.

Another healing modality is vibration... Think about either singing or humming at a very high pitch.  Now move down a step at a time to lower pitches.  The higher the pitch, the higher in the body the vibration is felt. practice different humming/singing notes, until you feel it in your lower back. Then stick with this note.  It's ridiculous feeling, I know, but sometimes hilarity is the best medicine. Hum, sing. If your voice is awful...who cares!  We're just trying to feel better. If you cannot figure out the right note or tone to hold, then just sing scales. DO RAY MI FA SO LA TI.  Most likely, DO or RAY are the ones felt in your lower back. This practice is also good following your inner child self listening practice. Both with or without the stretching.

With so much love....

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