Pandemic Awakening: Root Chakra Fear

Posted by Joanna Rubini on

We are in what seems like the winding down of the COVID 19 pandemic. I understand it is not all about a paid vacation and more gardening and family time for everyone, that some people really are sick from it and suffering. I'm not removing any of the attention and validity that those affected by it deserve. What I'm about today is recognizing that this slowed down, changed time, has given us all either more space to reflect on how we feel, to globally become aware of ourselves and thoughts and behavior, or it has intensified our previously held fears.

This magnifying glass will basically either make or break us. If we proceed forward full of fear, we compromise our immune systems by usurping our energy for the purpose of feeling and expressing fear and all that such fear requires us to do to feel safe and function in the world. If we proceed curious about what our new normal will look like, the new will appear.

The fear is not only the fear of a virus, we are going through different sources of fear: fear of losing (or loss of) our jobs, our financial stability. How will we survive? How will our basic needs be met? How will we get food? Pay our mortgages? Pay our bills? This is an interesting fear because, since we are all faced with uncertainty, it seems to me like we can be certain that we will somehow all be safe together. Otherwise, we'll face extinction. There's no way we humans will allow that. The solution is, at its simplest, faith that somehow we'll be ok. That all will be well. That things will work out. If we devote time to visualizing our worst fears coming true and how we'll cope in the worst case scenario, then as the creators that we are, the worst coming true will have more energy put towards it. We are better served by acknowledging our sweet childlike fears. "I'm terrified I'll be homeless, penniless, starving, but... I'm open to feeling better.  I'm open to feeling safer. I'm open to believing I'll be ok. That we all will be ok. Even if my vulnerable human self feels scared right now." This is such a first chakra terror. We feel slightly floaty, off balance, even dizzy, trying to stay safely anchored on the earth when things are in upheaval. In her writing on the Chakras, Anodea Judith instructs us to not only release our basic need fears by either verbalizing or writing them, but by visualizing those base feelings, needs, fears then sinking into our Mother Earth so that her energy supports us. We as tiny humans may not have the strength and faith to get through this time, but if we imagine ourselves picked up and held by the expansive energy that is the earth, Gaia, then our burden is lightened. Additionally, if we can emotionally express gratitude and even euphoria and relief in knowing this support is always available to all of us, then the love and support and relief we can experience is expanded. During this time, I am daily reminded of the usefulness of the AA mantra "One Day at a Time". If we feel overwhelmed, sometimes all we can do is take a tiny step forward, rather than building an empire in a moment. And sometimes, a step forward might be impossible, but we can stay in the here and right now, and recognize: that we are ok, safe, and feel comforted by that tiny victory. Baby steps, tiny glorious victories. We'll all be ok, as unique individuals united together.

 With love...



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