Scar and Injury Healing: Discussion and Prayer

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I was in a bit of a dramatic accident over 20 years ago. For over 20 years now, I have operated on the assumption that scars really never fully heal and that once trauma is sustained to a body part, that body part will forevermore function sub par.  This is not actually true, but since it was the story I believed, my body respected my request and supported that belief, for over 20 years. Until recently, when a new belief system was brought to my awareness.  If we think, daily, 'yep, there's that old injury, there's that bum hip/knee/shoulder/back, that is weak/crooked/tight/dysfunctional, we limit our capacity to heal, to recover completely. How do we start to heal when everyday we have irrefutable proof that we are broken still?

Openness is the way. That sounds so effervescent, transcendent, and frustratingly indefinite. however, once we let go of our attachment to our story, the way to healing becomes revealed to us. Sometimes all at once, but more than likely, piece by digestible piece. If we can let go of using our injuries and scars as excuses for not being capable or able to do certain things, we will be rewarded, dramatically or incrementally, with irrefutable proof that we are healing, that we are being restored to our physical perfection.

 I actually made the conscious observation, 20 odd years ago when my sister and I were in 'the train accident', that I would always be slightly crooked and because of this I would always have an excuse for not completely succeeding in whatever physical activity I undertook. My attachment to having an excuse for failure wrote my story of victimhood. 

I was recently talking about healing with my mother, who a year ago experienced her own traumatic car accident. Understandably, she is plagued with good and bad days in her recovery journey. We were discussing the power of the mind: how there is scientific evidence (see work by Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Joe Dispenza) that our minds control our cells, with which she was in total agreement. That is, she agreed with the power of the mind to control our cells, except in her case where she believes she is just really unlucky, really unfairly challenged, really unable to recover. But her story is supported by her belief that if she recovers, then no one will help her, and she really wants help.  My own story from 20 plus years ago was that if I was injured, no one would ever expect excellence from me and that I would always have an perfect excuse to fail. So I recognize myself in my mother. I casually told her, "mom, I believe you can completely heal," and she went completely silent. She at least understood that if she let go of her own victimhood, then she'd have to step up to the plate, and frankly, due to her tedious exhausting path of healing, she was too tired to face.

Go BIG or Go Home: A mantra or prayer that might help any of us faced with a healing situation would be "Thank you [whatever benevolent power we believe in] for helping me heal. Thank you [light] for helping me help myself. Thank you for showing me how to heal. Thank you for showing me how to help myself. Thank you for saving my life. Thank you for the small miraculous steps I have been able to achieve towards my recovery. Thank you for showing me how to be my own hero. Thank you for showing me that anything and everything is possible." 

GENTLER Way: But to be honest, my mother's resignedness is so heavy right now, that a more humble, less lofty mantra might serve her better, and is one I too use. This prayer/mantra, is literally applicable in any situation for those of us that believe we are guided by a higher power. "Hey (higher power), it's me (insert your name) living the human experience here on earth. I'm feeling a bit challenged right now. My greatest wish, my only wish, is to follow your voice. Please help me hear you, please help me understand your directions. Thank you for speaking to me. Thank you for speaking to me clearly. Thank you for making it so clear and easy to understand what it is that I should do next to serve your plan. Thank you for helping me understand what steps I should take. Thank you for your constant guidance, everyday, in every moment, steering me towards the light. My aspirations are to hear and follow you." We are all gifted with free will, meaning we can choose to follow whatever guidance system we want, and even to ignore our intuition. But if we choose to believe that the universe has a gorgeous amazing beautiful, better than our wildest dreams plan for our lives, then following our intuition and instructions from our higher power, will not only be easier than fighting upstream, but it will free us from the human pressure of success. We will find ourselves free to neither make plans nor set human goals when we do not feel capable of doing so if we simply follow the next indicated 'light' step, and the next. Eventually we may arrive at a place where we do want aim for something, but we get there gently, one step, one day, one moment, one realization at a time, fully guided by the universe. 

Having adopted this simple humble prayer (when I remember to not be so attached to my scars, old injuries, and consequent story), my train accident injuries have begun healing in ways I could never have fathomed. The healing has taken 20 plus years because the healing was blocked from my view for 20 plus years. We are all whole and have access to complete restoration of our vital health. It takes an open loving heart-mind to achieve this, and that is available to us all.


With love...

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