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Shoulder pain? In case you don't know my foundational beliefs: all body pain is caused by our feelings getting stuck in us. Feelings that we are either ashamed of or judge as bad or undesirable, and repress; or beliefs that being a certain way in the world serves us, so we we hold on to these feelings and beliefs. On the subject of shoulder pain, our shoulders are what we use to deal with the weight of the world. It is a a figure of speech that our body uses to show us our thoughts, feelings, beliefs. If you have shoulder pain, then you might get curious with yourself to discover if you think any of the following 1) it is my job to save the world from injustice 2) it is my job to police not just my own prejudices but also that coming from the mouths everyone I encounter 3) it is my job to suffer, work, organize and penny pinch so that my disorganized careless family will be safe, forgiven and looked after 4) it is my job to recognize and condemnBlue Shoulders by Joanna Rubini every error (there are many) that humans make to establish a universal awareness of these errors, and hopefully this will correct the errors, though probably not since we are only human after all, cycle continues 5) it is my job to passionately point out flawed thinking in others and give correctional advice, unsolicited, because I my way is the right way.

If you have any of these foundational thoughts, then you bet your shoulders are going to hurt. I believe we are all unique expressions of the creative loving all knowing all being ONE that made us, but individually, we are not god complete. When we take it upon ourselves to save everyone or even anyone else but ourselves, our shoulders will have a sympathetic response in overload.

Please understand, we are designed to be works in progress. Meaning, if we were completely evolved and had no hang ups or triggers, my guess is that we would no longer need to be here on earth having human experiences. The days that I am able to let my grandmother choose her martyrdom without strangling her, and let my mother choose her battles and confrontation without either screaming or fleeing in frustration, those days that I just accept that we all are where we are and we'll get to the next step when we are ready, accept that I cannot change or control anyone else as much as I want to ease suffering, on those days, I have happy shoulders. When the ache returns, like this morning when my sometimes combative mama vented her anger at the lack of empathy in others, and I wanted to gently and then louder and louder to be heard tell her that she is seeing a reflection of herself, and that if she could be more understanding of the unsympathetic person, then he might mirror to her a gentler communication. But no, she was firmly for hating him and staying in a snit. And literally, there was no budging her or saving her. All I could do was accept where she is and save myself. My shoulder felt better after I put my mom back down.

Continuation on SHOULDER PAIN:
If we are faced with a task that we do not feel up to, and yet for one reason or another we have no choice but to 'put our shoulder to the grindstone' and 'shoulder our responsibility' then we are faced with either possibly sustaining a trauma to our shoulders if we press on without offering ourselves understanding. Or, we explore within. For example, a self talk could go like this "Joanna, hello love. What's going on with your shoulders? what are you dealing with that feels overwhelming or challenging to you?" I always get a response from me when I inquire. Lately it has felt like my mom, who sustained an traumatic automobile accident. When she is suffering with pain, but her pain relief drugs are regimented and she feels overwhelmed and frustrated, I listen to her but can see clearly more ways she can help herself just through her attitude and self talk. And in her mind, I am judging her and shaming her. So I feel rejected and she feels misunderstood and alone. But when I let go of trying to change anyone but Joanna, and instead just try to understand my mom and love her as best I can, then she feels soothed and certainly I feel soothed because I'm no longer waging war with her. It helps me to give myself the same talk I attempt to give her. "Why are you focusing on the negative here? Look how much progress you've made and continue to make in your life, in your healing, in your happiness. Sometimes it's ok to feel sad made frustrated- have a 5 minute yucky feeling hoorah stuffed full of uggh, including a massive self pity topping. And then the calm after the storm will come with the answers and soothing. You can make a difference, Joanna, just stop struggling against the current and go with the flow. Your strong shoulders are capable of anything you set your mind to, but follow your heart and ease on the way."

More thoughts re shoulder pain- if you consult the Bach Flower remedy body map, the front left shoulder is associated with the Willow Flower Remedy. And even if you don't buy into the idea that a 'natural wild flower essence' can rebalance what is off kilter in your thoughts, reading the descriptions can be enlightening. Willow, to be very brief, is "poor me"...Inner thoughts might look like "I have to deal with this and I have to do that because the world needs it." For example, in dealing with our current 'social distancing' society, I feel exasperated inside because my core preference is expressing love and support through contact and hugging. So I am walking around the earth encountering fear and distance and because I cannot actualize my need to express and receive love in the way that I prefer it, I feel judgmental of others so that I avoid feeling unloved. My shoulder doesn't feel up to the burden of showing love for others in a different way than that which I prefer. To lovingly address your shoulder, if it happens to be left frontal pain, you can try the Willow Bach flower remedy. It might also help to speak to your Higher Self or Divine Source or Angels. When I did so, I was able to grasp that I love hugs, that I love loving and feeling loved and the social distancing was impairing my ability to feel warmth towards others. Through an (out loud) exploration, or a free writing purge, you will understand the stuck feeling, accept it, and release it.  And viola!  Fixed shoulder.  I did not actually use Willow to ease my shoulder, I simply followed its suggestions to start a dialogue with my higher self.

Ok everyone, I love you and send you a huge big warm hug<3

with love <3
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