Second Toes

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For today, just the 2nd toe.This toe is also known as index toe or pointer toe. When it hurts (when anything in our bodies hurts!) it means something is imbalanced. How do we fix this imbalance?  My toe randomly hurts which is frustrating and uncomfortable, so most of us rail against our suddenly painful body part. It hurts to walk. We are innocent in that we did nothing physical to cause the pain. So we get po'd at our toe and set into self pity and loss of hope. What happens?  BOTH second toes now hurt.

Consulting Bach Flower body maps, our right second toes are about our ability to give and receive love, and our left second toes are about hopefulness. To help yourself, start a conversation. I find it's best to talk first to my right foot in this case. A quick search of the metaphysical message of index toe is judgement. When I'm discussing these feelings with my toes, I remove judgement of myself for judging. So my toe is telling me I'm judging someone else's or my own choices. It's really not about judging them or me or not, what really counts here is to acknowledge the judgement. That's it.  In the midst of this virus pandemic, I find myself standing in judgement of the fear I see and of the frenzied tp shopping. Human feet with Rubini Jewelers Toe Rings

Upon deeper probing I see that I too have fear; mine has to do with starving to death rather than viral death. Once I recognize that I am as human as everyone else, I recognize my true pain underneath my judgement. We are all soothers to one extent or another.  When I witness suffering in my fellow humans, I want to love them and soothe them and especially hug them. There is no tangible soothing allowed these days. To a certain extent, we are all left feeling slightly helpless to help one another because of enforced distancing at this time.  What does this mean? That we are not bad for judging, we are simply humans disguising our feeling lack of love with no end in sight despair. Once I worked out all of these connections and forgave myself and even applauded myself for wanting to show love to others, my toes, both my left and right aching painful index toes, both got very warm and happy.  Viola!  Healed toes, thank you very much .

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