Viral Times

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There is a lot of fear, a lot of wonder, a lot of awakening, and even a lot of judgement going on right now during this time of the Virus. My view is valid for me, as are everyone's takes on the situation in the world. I believe some humans are more vulnerable to infection than others, because they 1) Have more fear 2) Have more density in their bodies due to unresolved past feelings and traumas that tax their energy system and ability to fend off infection. That being said, because as a collective we have decided we want to awaken and become aware of our thoughts and feelings and therefore more able to steer them in a direction that serves US and not some programming we unknowingly received as children, we have created a worldwide event that will result in mass awakening. Many people are out of their regular patterns. And like me, even if your work schedule has not been disturbed, my patterns still have been disrupted- my favorite grocery store has limited hours and they show the strain of dealing with strained humans. This may seem petty but I live by exercise, food, work. My food looks different, my schedule has shifted, so I too am changing. During this seeming crises we are actually blessed with a breather. A frozen moment to take a look around and appreciate our family, our grocers, our delivery people, our trainers, even just our fellow humans for going through change along side us. We are all blessed with one another to go through this together. Because it is with love and unity that we will survive in our human forms and thrive together. <3 love you... 


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