Customer Comments

9-17-15 "I gave Carol the necklace yesterday and SHE LOVES IT! Thank you to all who took part!!"

9-23-15 "I just wanted to write and thank you for fixing my necklace! It means so much to me to know I purchased from a company that stands by their product.
See you at races this fall!"

12-17-15 "I received my order items on Tuesday & they are AWESOME! My husband, a Masters rower, is going to love them! Thank you so much for your speed of delivery & your caring communications. You have a great company! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!"

2-12-16 "Hey Rubini fam,
Got my bracelet back from the repair and it's so perfect again and I love it. Thank you for being amazing and fixing it!!!"

5-10-16 "Dear Rubini Jewelers,
Thank you so much for your beautiful bracelets! Our team mom loved hers & I wear mine proudly! I appreciated how helpful and enjoyable it was to do business together & I will be happy to pass on your information for future orders!
Thanks again! -CS"

6-27-16 "Joanna,
I got home from the regatta last night and had a wonderful time! As I mentioned, my mixed 2x partner was in her first sculling race, and she was happy to open the box and see the necklace! Time will tell if she was charmed. Thank you for pulling out all the stops and helping me out as you did! -HM"

9-2-16 "I received my Eiffel Tower, and it's gorgeous! The diamonds add just the right amount of sparkle. Thank you so much, I received so many compliments on my dragon, just wait until they see the newest charm! -S"

10-19-16 "Just received the bracelet and I couldn't be happier! It is wonderful now let's hope my daughter in law loves it as much as me
Again thank you -DK"

11-15-16 "Thank you so much for my necklace! It is exactly what I wanted...You have wonderful pieces and you were so helpful. - EF"

12-14-16 "I love the bracelet! Of course you were absolutely right about the cable over rope. Thank you so much! -SE"

12-13-16 "Received [my order]-- beautiful-- daughter will love it. Thank-you. -V"

1-4-17 "Just want to say thanks for the beautiful job you did on both my son(’s) watch as well as the silver spoon for my granddaughter. Look forward to visiting you again soon. -S"

1-14-17 "Thanks so much for fixing the ring, it looks amazing, like new! :) Thank you! -MF"

11-18-17 "We love the crew ornament (its perfect!) ... and we love your message with the turkey! Happy Thanksgiving. -B"

11-30-17 "I just want to thank you once again for all you did to effectuate the design of my ring. I'm so incredibly pleased with it and it's exactly what I hoped and imagined would be created. Please extend my thanks to your expert jewelers. -CC"

3-8-18 "Thank you so much. The hockey split bracelet I ordered was for my 14 year old granddaughter's birthday. She plays girls hockey... She was absolutely thrilled. -DS"

3-26-18 "Now that I have had my ring for a couple of days, able to enjoy how beautiful it is, I want to thank you for making this long-distance creative process so easy and fun.  I told L that at one point a friend said to me, "Do you really trust them to make something you like from so far away?" or something like that.  My first reaction was, Oh, should I???  But then a second after that I knew that I did, totally.  I knew I love your jewelry that I already own and that all would turn out perfectly in the end.  And it did.  Thanks to all who were a part of the creative process.  My mom, from whom all of the stones and the gold came, would be very pleased with my new ring." -ML

7-6-18 "I got the earrings today and love them! Thank you so much. -L"

7-9-18 "Received the pendant last week.  It is beautiful. Thank you very much. Regards. -HT"

12-12-18 "This is perfect!! My niece is going to love it. Thank you!! -M"

2-8-19 "Thank you Joanna!! I love it, as much as I loved it before! Thank you for your great ,and fast, service! I have gotten many compliments on this bracelet, and I always tell my crew buddies where I got it! Thanks again, -D"

4-1-19 "I just wanted to thank you for the work you did on the ring.  It turned out amazing. After the first version... The reworked ring is spectacular.  Has a very old bones, heirloom look to it.  One of a kind for sure. Thanks again for your assistance on this, 'G' was very happy. Take care! -WM"