Emotional Exploration and Release Sessions with Joanna Rubini

APPOINTMENTS and INFO Please contact Joanna or Rubini Jewelers to schedule joannarubini@gmail.com or text her cell 703- 350-8101. Or thru the store 703-548-5509. Sessions occur either at your personal home or space, or other agreed upon meeting place. I use my hands and my brain and my openness, and as desired essential oils, and I can also offer Bach Flower Remedy suggestions that might further your healing intentions. Please wear long socks or short socks with leggings of a sort.

Joanna Rubini of Rubini Inc. Wellness, Healing Facilitator and Self Love Educator

Because I believe that we all hold the key to our personal well being, working with me to that end is absolutely a collaboration incorporating mirrored openness. I will physically soothe your feet or hands while we have a conversation exploring areas of resistance in your life: from frustration, and anxiety, to unexpressed sadness or even staunched joy and pleasure.


1) Physically releasing the density that accumulates
in our bodies from life’s experiences and from discomfort
in expressing our emotions.

2) Consciously rewriting our past, rewriting
our stories, and our beliefs.

3) Soothing our inner child while being patient and understanding with our present self.

You will be able to handle any situation with peace.
You will have a new story about your past to tell
yourself. Your 95% subconsciously operated
behavior will be re-directed by your new conscious
choices that agree with your present values, rather
than something in the past in your old story.


I was born a strong very active very sensitive little human in this incarnation. My entire life I have heard the instructions “don’t be so sensitive”, and thus I used to feel ashamed of my emotional reactions. It wasn’t until recently that I understood what was behind the curtains, so to speak. First was my learned behavior of victimhood, which I must have theorized originally as a child, kept me safe. I used to withdraw into my crab shell (yes, I am a Cancer) wave my white flag and react with tears, so that I’d be left alone and safe from a perceived potential threat. In my body, though, my emotions were not always sadness. I deemed expressing or acknowledging these stronger emotions a risk to my safety- anger, fury, even pleasure and joy. I was the sad one.

But really, I wasn’t. I just didn’t give myself permission to acknowledge anything else. Today, I can see the victim persona I created. I recognize it in my beautiful fellow humans. I acknowledge its service and gratefully retire it. I can see now that (all along) my strong emotions are quite simply a higher than normal sensitivity to having feelings, either in myself or  in others. We are all from the same source, so it makes perfect sense to feel what others feel. As a child, this feeling of the emotions of others swamped me, as I did not understand they were not always sourced from within me.
As we traverse the adventure of our human experience, our base purpose is to feel feelings. All kinds: shame, embarrassment, love, joy, hate, rage, jealousy, envy...infinite feelings. We are all given a higher divine purpose as well, to help our fellow humans using the unique gifts  with which we are all blessed. If we deny our emotions as they occur in the present or if we have ever suppressed or repressed them in our past, then the feeling grows stronger in our bodies, wanting acknowledgement, until manifesting as an increasingly stronger physical symptom in our bodies. Healing starts with emotional acknowledgment. It is easy. From there, rewriting our wiring, our sense of self, to what will serve us, unfolds organically. 

We shape our DNA with our minds. If we are
genetically predisposed to a disease, we
have the power in whether it incarnates in us
or not. We create our DNA with our beliefs.
Our beliefs are the filter through which we
see and judge the outside and our inner
world. Our beliefs create our thoughts
which dictate our actions which ultimately
control our DNA. We can make sure that our
95% unconscious behavior is being guided by
beliefs that serve us. Our lives will change.
From the teachings of Dr.Bruce Lipton

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