Health Topics

Our bodies are messengers alerting us to the need to acknowledge our feelings, which we often do not in our Western culture, fast paced ways. All of these posts focus on specific body parts, on what their distress possibly means, and on what to do to reopen our energy channels, release the feelings, and restore our bodies.

You are the only one who knows what's best and true for you, follow your higher self. If what I discuss does not resonate, please follow your own path. 

I try to write with love which largely means guided by my own higher self. I am human as well, it's a team effort.

Hips, Feet, Legs, Pelvis, Psoas

Shoulder Wellness

Viral Times

Second Toes

Burns and Anger Expression

Left Ankle Pain

Left Leg, Left Hip, Left Ankle and Bach Flower Remedies