Self Love Reeducation Sessions with Joanna Rubini

Please contact Joanna or Rubini Jewelers to schedule or text her cell 703- 350-8101. Or thru the store 703-548-5509.

Joanna Rubini of Rubini Inc. Wellness, Healing Facilitator and Self Love Educator

Is a combination of hands on soothing of your feet
and hands
A conversation exploring areas of resistance,
frustration, and
anxiety in your life.
WELLNESS RESTORATION Is achieved two-fold:
1) By physically releasing the density that
in your body from life’s experiences and discomfort
in expressing your emotions.
2) By helping you consciously rewrite Your past,
Your stories, Your beliefs, and by soothing your
inner child and being patient and understanding
with your present self.
You will be able to handle any situation with peace.
You will have a new story about your past to tell
yourself. Your 95% subconsciously operated
behavior will be re-directed by your new conscious
choices that agree with your present values, rather
than something in the past in your old story.INFORMATION
Email or text 703-350-
8101 to schedule. Please wear long socks or
short socks with leggings of a sort.
We shape our DNA with our minds. If you are
genetically predisposed to a disease, you
have the power in whether it incarnates in you
or not. You create your DNA with your beliefs.
Your beliefs are the filter through which you
see and judge the outside and your inner
world. Your beliefs create your thoughts
which dictate your actions which ultimately
control your DNA. You can make sure your
95% unconscious behavior is being guided by
beliefs that serve you. Your life will change.
From the teachings of Dr.Bruce Lipton


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