Silver Mask Chain

  • $ 15.00

Sterling Silver.  Each chain measures between 7.5 and 9.5 inches long. Mask is not included, these are for clasping onto your own mask.

Figaro chain is 1.5mm wide. Length is 8.5 inches long with spring ring clasps each end to attach to mask straps $15

Diamond cut chain 1mm thick, shown 9.5 inches long. Rowing blade charm 14mm long from top of shaft by 6mm wide $35

Tulip rowing blades are ~10mm long each, plus 3 rings in between blades. 8.5 inches long $130

Double strand buoy chain, chain link itself is 1mm wide. This version takes a 16 inch long chain doubled into a mask chain.  once we are allowed to roam mask free, the spring rings at the ends can be removed to wear the chain around your neck instead. $20