Spiritual Awakening Hand Engraved Silver and Leather Bracelet

  • $ 97.00

Sterling Silver accent, ends and clasp on leather cord. Jaime Rubini was inspired to create this one of a kind bracelet by hand. The end caps feature 2 'dragon' forms and 2 diamond shapes with circles inside. The dragons are seen as wise protectors, having both the mental and physical means to execute protection of what they choose. The diamond is the basic building block of life (carbon) incarnate on earth, while the circles represent that life is circular and without end. The middle band of the bracelet features both I's and +'s and *'s. Please make your own interpretation, but perhaps it is that as individuals (I) we all together form whole. All together, our energy and power is multiplied.

Divinely inspired, and created with love. Leather cords are 4mm thick, and entire bracelet is 8 inches long. Suitable for men or women.

Note: Don't recommend to wear in water.