Meet the Staff

Jaime Rubini of Rubini Jewelers
Jaime Rubini is our owner, leader and master jeweler. Rubini Inc. (Rubini of South America) was opened in 1975  soon thereafter began his love and passion for original jewelry design. In 1988 his natural creativity and his love for the sport to which he has devoted his life merged and the signature rowing jewelry of Rubini Jewelers was born. When he is not creating new works of art at Rubini's, he is either rowing, coaching rowing, or making rowing themed paintings. He is a crew guru who has helped to bring the joy of rowing to countless lives. 



Virgilio Rubini of Rubini JewelersVirgilio Rubini, Jaime's Brother, began as our bookkeeper in 2001 and has since mastered the arts of engraving, and watch repair. He is also a jack of all trades and is our Mr. Fix-It for all problems that arise. He has 8 grandchildren and loves the sport of fronton.

Joanna Rubini of Rubini JewelersJoanna Rubini, daughter of Jaime, joined our staff in 1998. Always an artist, as a child she would sit next to her dad Jaime while he was making jewelry and draw him. Studio art major in college, Joanna is now one of the liaisons between our customers and our jewelers. She intakes jewelry repairs and projects, and also helps customers design their own jewelry, and Rubini Jewelers creates it. When she's not creating at Rubini Jewelers, she's either working out or creating at home!



German Morales of Rubini JewelersGerman Morales, affectionately known as Trucha, began working with us in 1989 as an apprentice. He is our master polisher and is the man responsible for the beautiful shine given to all of our jewelry. He also casts and manufactures much of our famous sports jewelry. German is originally from Peru where he earned a geology degree. Nowadays, he enjoys traveling and spending time with family. 

Dany Rubini joined us November 2019, although she has been involved in the family jewelry business for years. She is the detail oriented force behind our orders receivable and together with Joanna is in charge of remolding our website. She is the smart trophy wife of Virgilio Rubini, with an eye for the big picture. If we are looking better these days, although it is a team effort, she is most definitely consulted. Her taste in jewelry- simple modern designs. Her favorite thing, aside from playing with Photoshop, is celebrating life with her grandchildren. 

Aldo Arce joined us March 2020. He is a master jeweler who spent 30 years with Aldo Arce Master Jeweler at Rubini JewelersO'Rourke Jewelers in Bethesda MD, that closed when its owners in their 90's passed on. He brings experience, optimism, and enthusiasm to his work with us, where he both repairs jewelry and fabricates it from scratch. Born in Peru, he was raised in the US and thus speaks perfect Spanglish. When he is not jewelry making, he loves: his two dogs, swing dancing, and spending time with his plethora of friends. He is happy and easy going; that, coupled with his proven skill as a jeweler, means we are so very blessed to have him on our team, by extension, all of our customers too.