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Rubini Jewelers is located on the corner of Wythe & N.Washington Streets in Old Town Alexandria Virginia, we work on the premises both making and repairing jewelry: gold, silver, platinum, alternative metals, costume jewelry, beads and random odds and ends. 

We can laser engrave on metal, wood, leather, media devices, odd metal sculptures, lighters, watches, and sometimes stones & flat/thick get the point... 

Bring us your watches for both batteries & watch straps, which we typically do while you wait.

We reserve the right to adjust our online listed prices as dictated by the market-the prices may not be current.

Come visit our shop in Old Town Alexandria VA to see what vast creativity we are capable of!












Our specialty, besides stocking a host of VERY ECLECTIC jewelry, is sports jewelry: Rowing, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Dragon Boating, Running.


We would LOVE your business- Please stop in for a's FREE :o)


-The Rubini's

PS Our store is stocked FULL of non-sports jewelry: Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Charms, & Bracelets in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Stainless Steel, & Leather

PPS We have much of our SPORTS themed items in stock, but it can take a week plus to make... If you're in a rush? Call us 703-548-5509.


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