Rubini Jewelers: Repair and Fabrication Center

Most repairs and creations are done on the premises. We are happy to work with gold, silver, platinum, alternative metals, costume jewelry, pearls, beads, and random odds and ends. 

Ring Resizing at Rubini JewelersRing Sizing- We re-size rings both up and down in a variety of metals: gold (all karats and colors), silver, platinum, palladium, titanium (limited range), stainless steel (limited range), brass. Sizing costs are $30 and up. (Resizing down, thin band, no stones, no pattern, is $45 in gold, for example, and in silver thin band no stones sizing down a size is $30. Wider bands, with different stones, with pattern, up or down, incur higher charges, as does express service.)

Stone Setting- We can match and replace stones, and securely place them in any style of setting. We can also cabochon polish certain kinds of stones, or shape them to fit your unique mounting.

Prong Repair at Rubini Jewelers





Miscellaneous Jewelry Repair- Soldering, plating, adjusting, tightening, gluing, cleaning, polishing, prong repair... You name it, we can do it. The photo above is a prong rebuild in progress.

Bead bracelet restringing and adjustments by Rubini Jewelers

Restringing- We restring pearls and beads on a variety of strings including nylon, silk, plastic, wire... with knots or without. We are also able to help reconfigure the pattern and layout of beads that have fallen and scattered. Restringing cost $18 (for a bracelet, average bead size, no knots) and up.



Watch Battery Replacement at Rubini Jewelers in Old Town Alexandria Virginia
Watch Repair-  We replace the batteries of both quartz and solar watches/clocks as well as adjust/replace watch straps, normally while you wait. We also repair/clean movements or replace them if need be. 



Custom Rings made by Rubini Jewelers, reusing parts of customer's old rings and stones

Custom Design- We can use your stones or our stones, and your metal or our metal, to custom create you anything in the jewelry realm. Rings, Pins, Pendants, Bracelets, Cufflinks, Tie Bars, Earrings, Etc. We will discuss the design with you at length, draw pictures, email photos of the progress.. whatever it takes to make your vision a reality. 

Custom Jewelry Fabrication and Engraving by Rubini Jewelers

Engraving-  We engrave on a variety of materials including metals, wood, leather, media devices, odd metal sculptures, lighters, watches, Knives/swords and sometimes stones & flat/thick glass... For more information on engraving click Custom Engraving

Come visit our shop in Old Town Alexandria VA to see what vast creativity we are capable of! Call/email 703-548-5509 with questions. 

Some Projects:






















Pearl Enhancer Restoration by Rubini JewelersThis was originally a ring, if you can believe it. We replaced the pearls around the edge of the amethyst and converted it into a gorgeous pendant to wear on a client's double strand pearl necklace.



This amethyst 18kt gold ring was brought in to change the straight side bezel with a more graceful curved bottom bezel. Step by step- we carved a wax several waxes for our customer to see, make changes and finally approve. Last step was casting the new setting into gold and reattached the ring's original band to it's brand new bezel and set the stone- the ring looking much closer to what our customer had in mind. Happy Endings are Magical

Amethyst Ring Redone by Rubini Jewelers


 We replaced the letter U missing from his ring- they are no longer available so we did it by hand. Luckily, back in the day, the depth of the letters was measurable (unlike today), so the stone took the new 'U' well!

Vintage Class Ring Restoration by Rubini Jewelers








For this ring, we added a simple figure 8 style device to adjust the ring size once on the finger. This ring fits over a big knuckle and tightens down on a small finger. And if the size needs adjusting, we can bend the clamp either way to adjust it.

Adjusting Ring Shank installed by Rubini Jewelers
This diamond eternity ring, platinum, is not only engraved all around the sides but it is also fully set with diamonds.  We resized it and blended the new piece (set with diamonds) with the existing engraving...




Antique Platinum Diamond Eternity Band Resized by Rubini Jewelers

Cracked Gold with Jade Ring Needing RepairRepaired Jade Gold Ring

Jade ring in gold that was very broken underneath. We had to remove stones, repair it in numerous places and reset the stones.



 Princess Cut Diamond Reset into Crushed in Car Door Platinum Engagement Ring, repair by Rubini Jewelers

 This ring was closed in a car door, saving the finger and the diamond survived but was totally discombobulated.  We reset the diamond and repaired the prong, rerounded the band too...


This chain is a flat oval cable link chain, made entirely by hand, of: an 18kt yellow gold ring, a small 99.9% gold coin and a large 10 dollar silver coin. The mix made a nicely malleable metal, mostly silver in tone with faint yellowish cast. It is new now, but in most probability, it  will be much more tarnish resistant than sterling silver typically is. It was a project of chemical discovery and patience practice.
Custom Gold Silver Men's Neck Chain by Rubini JewelersHandmade Gold Silver Flat Cable link Neck Chain by Rubini Jewelers
This simple drop yellow gold pendant we hand fabricated and set with a lively cabochon cut peridot, also sourced by us. Birthday gift...
Custom 14kt Yellow Gold Cabochon Peridot Pendant for necklace, by Rubini Jewelers. Handmade setting.
This simple ring was created using a custom cut lab grown orange sapphire, using our customer's white gold band and handmaking the yellow gold low profile 4 prong setting... The setting was created a bit bigger than the stone so that the eye would pick up the yellow frame.
Custom Lab Created Orange Sapphire and 14kt Yellow and White Gold Ring, by Rubini Jewelers
Profile view of lab grown orange sapphire 14kt yellow and white gold ring, by Rubini Jewelers

14Kt White Gold Cufflinks with Diamonds

14Kt White Gold Cufflinks with Diamonds
Multi layered platinum bands ring sculpture with sapphire project. This handmade ring took several months, many tries, and much sweat to complete, and turned out a dramatic one of a kind statement.
Multi Layered Handmade Platinum Ring with Sapphire, by Rubini Jewelers
Below is a custom 14kt white gold ring created with our customer's large-bottomed square step cut blue topaz. We added diamonds on the side for interest and sparkle. The setting had to be impressively deep to accommodate the pavilion on the stone, making the project a fun challenge: how do you make a chunky stone into a graceful ring without sacrificing sturdiness? 
Blue Topaz Ring Design by Rubini Jewelers 
Custom Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds Made by Rubini Jewelers
Custom 14kt white gold and diamond ring created for customer's HUGE blue topaz
A customer came in with a plethora of beach glass (and a beach coin!) He fell in love with the idea of a turtle for his wife, so he configured the various pieces into the most turtle-esque arrangement possible, with the coin as the turtle shell. We domed the coin, bezel set the limbs and head, and made a pendant that could be worn in a number of different angles depending on how the chain was threaded through it. 
Sea Glass Sterling Silver Turtle pendant by Rubini Jewelers
If you look closely, these earrings are recognizable as the engagement ring & wedding band that they once were, and the center diamond was reset into a simple domed frame pendant.  All of this created using our customer's original wedding set and gold.
Originally a wedding ring & engagement ring set, converted to earrings and necklace by Rubini Jewelers