Custom Jewelry Projects


Wedding set before transformation:

Wedding ring set prior to being converted to earrings and necklace by Rubini Jewelers

Wedding set converted to earrings and necklace:

Custom Earrings and Necklace made from Customer's Wedding Rings Set, by Rubini Jewelers

Emerald and Diamond Earring Created to Match Existing Earring


Custom 2 tone gold antique reproduction diamond ring by Rubini Jewelers

FW pearl and Aquamarine sterling sivler and 10kt gold custom organic ring by Rubini Jewelers

Custom 14Kt White Gold Diamond and Customer's Blue Topaz Ring by Rubini Jewelers

Custom 18kt yellow gold and sapphire bezel ring by Rubini Jewelers
14Kt White and Yellow Gold Orange Sapphire Set Sideways, Low Profile Ring by Rubini JewelersNECKLACES
Custom drop shaped 14kt yellow gold and diamond pendant by Rubini Jewelers, made from engagement ring
Custom 14kt yellow gold shark tooth pendant by Rubini Jewelers
Sideview of custom made 14kt gold and shark tooth pendant by Rubini Jewelers
Custom Freeform 14kt Yellow Gold Peridot Pendant by Rubini Jewelers
14kt gold handmade organic bypass cuff bracelet with diamond, by Rubini Jewelers
Custom cuff bracelet using scrap gold and stones provided by customer
Custom yellow gold, pearl and blue topaz bracelet by Rubini Jewelers
Custom yellow gold pearl and topaz cuff, shown next to the inspirational silver cuff, by Rubini Jewelers
We handmade his sterling silver bypass cuff bracelet and enhanced it with a pendant our customer brought in.
Handmade sterling silver bypass cuff bracelet by Rubini Jewelers, enhanced with customer's existing pendant