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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q- What are your hours of operation? A- We are open from 10:00AM to 6:00PM Monday-Friday and 10:AM to 3:00PM on Saturdays. We are closed on some holidays. 
  • Q- What is the turn around time for repairs? A- It really depends on the repair and how busy we are at the time. Some simple repairs can be done while you wait but typically, we ask that you leave your item with us and we run between 1 to 3 weeks. Jobs that take longer are those that need stones or parts ordered, or very intricate repairs. We are willing to rush your repair if you want it back urgently. 
  • Q- What repairs are you able to do? A- We re-size rings, replace and set stones, fix prongs, polish, re-glue, add and remove charms, solder anything that has broken and can generally make just about any adjustment or repair to any type of jewelry that you bring us. We are also willing to work on costume jewelry and have been known to fix metallic items that are not jewelry related. 
  • Q- Do you make custom creations? A- Yes we are happy to create anything in the realm of jewelry. We will use your stones and metals or ours. We will discuss your creation at length, draw pictures, email images, whatever is necessary to make your vision a reality.
  • Q- Do you clean jewelry? A- Yes, we are happy to clean and steam your jewelry at no charge if you buy from us or leave something for repair. 
  • Q-Do you do watch repairs? A- Yes, we can replace batters and adjust or replace watch straps usually while you wait.  We also repair/clean movements or replace them if need be. We welcome clock repairs as well. 
  • Q- On what items can you engrave on? A- We can engrave on a variety of materials including metals, leather, wood, plastics, thick paper, and thick glass. Usually, the only limitation to engraving is the size of the item, if it is too large, we may not be able to fit it under the engraver. 
  • QCan I find all of your merchandise online? A- No, we make an effort to make as much of our jewelry as possible available on our website but we simply have too much stuff and too little time. Almost all of the sports jewelry and some one of a kind items are posted online but the only way to see it all is to visit the physical store in Northern Virginia. 
  • Q- Where else can I find your jewelry? A- We routinely travel to rowing regattas all over the USA. We bring with us our rowing jewelry and set up shop near the race. Some, but not all, of the regattas we travel to are in Saratoga Springs NY,  Sarasota FL, San Diego CA, Chattanooga TN, Philadelphia PA...
  • Q- Do you buy jewelry and precious metals from the public? A- No we are not able to purchase your jewelry or metals but we will recycle your scrap gold and use the value of it to reduce the price of a project that we are working on for you. 
  • Q- Do you sell on consignment? A- Yes we have many estate pieces in our store and if you would like to sell your jewelry in our shop, bring it to us, we will agree on a price and do our best to sell it for you. 
  • Q- Where is the work done? A- 99.9% of all work is done on the premises. The only circumstances in which your jewelry will leave our shop is for casting and stone cutting. 
  • Q- Do you do appraisals?  A- No we are unable to do appraisals, however, we can do insurance estimates. 
  • Q- Are you willing to work with the merchandise of other jewelers? A-We are willing to work with any and all jewelry. 
  • Q- Is your store pet friendly? A- Yes we are delighted when our customers bring along their furry friends. 
  • Q- Whats your parking situation? A- There is usually street parking available along Wythe street, you are welcome to even park where it says "LOADING ZONE" as you will be loading and unloading jewelry with us. You can also park in front of the store on N Washington Street but beware, after 4:00, your car will be towed. There is also "RETAIL PARKING" accessible on Wythe Street just across N Washington St if driving towards the river- it is the first driveway in the big building, free for 2 hours.
  • Q- What is your return policy? A- Regularly stocked items can be returned for a full refund (less shipping) within 2 weeks of receiving it. Please return the gift bag or box with your return.Thereafter, we are happy to accept exchanges for the full amount up to 2 months after receiving the item. Additional shipping is required will apply. After that, we are kind and flexible and want you to be happy, please just inquire... 703-548-5509. If your purchase has been custom made or customized in anyway, we still want you to be happy! We will work with you to alter it or create an alternative so that it is just right, and let you know in advance what the additional cost will be.