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About Us

We are a family of athletic artists. Literally: we row, run, lift, jump, swim, dodge, clean & jerk, and draw, sketch, build, solder, carve & create.  Chances are- if you have a proposition, we have a plan of procedure! The truth about us: we have extremely eclectic taste in jewelry so we stock in our cute little store trinkets from $10 to elegant diamond rings at $10,000.

Jaime Rubini began rowing as a teenager in Lima, Peru. In the late 1960s he traveled to the United States in search of more serious competition and coaching. Since then he has been a passionate rower.

The early 1970's found Jaime honing his skills as goldsmith for he and then wife Susan's fledgling business Rubini Jewelers, incorporated in 1975.

In 1990, Jaime created his first rowing jewelry items as an excuse to escape to regattas to race-wily man!

We continue to create new designs of all shapes and sizes-using either our materials or yours. And the store is now chock full of Rubini's: Jaime still creating jewelry, his brother Virgilio pumping life back into watches & the captain behind our laser engraving, mother Raquel restringing necklaces & doing our displays STILL at 86 years young, new wife Yolande coming up with new designs & ideas & pushing Rubini Jewelers into the next century, & daughter Joanna-jack of everything else that needs writing this :o)

By the way, we guarantee our precious metal rowing, dragonboat, ice & field hockey & running jewelry (except chains), so if it breaks we'll fix it free of charge. All you have to do is pay shipping to and from us.  If your chain breaks, there is a small fee or you can choose to replace the chain instead- we'll work with you to decide.

Have fun browsing through our site. We're sure you'll find something that pleases you. If you don't, call us with an idea -- 703-548-5509 -- and we'll produce it for you!