Copper Plated Extra Large Tulip Oar Wrap Rowing Bracelet

  • $ 75.00

Brass with Copper Plating, unsealed. Just one in stock, this is copper plated over brass, brass shows through in places.  The copper plating with patina, and eventually wear off, leaving brass to then patina over time. Tulip oar, the traditional rowing blade shape, measures 34mm long (~1 1/3 inch) by 18mm wide (just under 3/4 inch). Shaft is 3.5mm diameter.  This bracelet should either be slid overhand, or if needed, very slightly opened moving blade and handle apart north-south and wrist slid in sideways.  Can be cleaned with brass or copper cleaner, or left alone to patina. Metal can leave a green stain on the skin, especially acidic, or sweaty skin, inside of bracelet can be coated with clear enamel to create a barrier.