Medium Crossed Oars Dangle Rowing Earrings

  • $ 50.00

Sterling silver. These are iconic, easily recognizable as rowing themed.  The crossed oars measure 16mm long by approximately 11ish mm wide and the entire earring is about 28mm long (just over 1" long total). If you fear that people will not recognize that you are involved with rowing, these remove all doubt.  Go ahead, strike up a conversation about your (early mornings) (wet mornings) (new furniture, an ergometer, in the living room) (near death experience the other day when a surprise squall arrived) (child's or own amazing transformation thanks to the camaraderie and challenge of rowing...) (fill in your story!)  And above all, enjoy the earrings :o)

We have stoppers, let us know if you require a pair and we'll include them no charge. We also work in other metal, please inquire for prices 703-548-5509