Rowing Hatchet Oar Wrap with Crab Ring

  • $ 55.00

Sterling silver. It comes in different blade sizes: 16mm blade and a 8mm crab, 11mm by 7mm blade and 11mm crab, 14mm by 9mm blade and 11mm crab. Wire wrap is 2.5 mm thick for all of them.  The little crab misbehaves however he likes, so his position may vary. Crabs represent a few different things: a rowing crab is achieved when a rower's blade mistakenly gets caught up in the water.  Crabs are also the symbol for the zodiac sign of Cancer, a water sign.  Crabs are also the state symbol of Maryland. 

Available in tulip (classic blade shape-shown) or hatchet (newer blade shape). Please allow for some variation in design as the crab grabs the blades however he chooses :)