Antique Stlye Rowing Oarlock Earrings Made by Rubini Jewelers.

  • $ 60.00

Sterling Silver. These oarlocks are based on an antique brass oarlock that we have floating around the store- hence their sexy curved shape (more organic than the new plastic ones!) 

The oarlocks measure 3/4" wide (19mm) and the oarlock pin section (goes in front of the ear) is about 7/8" long (24mm).  They are solid, cast construction about 7grams.  They are elegant and obviously oarlocks to rowers, without being obviously rowing to the layperson. The post portion is the 'gate' of the oarlock- which slides out of the keeper to allow the wearer to put it on.

These are cast construction so they do have a little bit of weight to them, strong earlobes are best.

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