Two Overlapping Oars Bypass Style Rowing Ring

  • $ 50.00

Sterling Silver. This ring has 2 entire oars complete with handles soldered in a bypass formation to form a soldered style ring. Rowing blades, either hatchet (angular shape) or tulip (symmetrical classic shape) are 9 to 10mm long (1/3 inch) long. This style is similar to our R.29 ring which has bigger blades but no handles or our R.32 ring which has smaller blades and no handles.

Matching earrings E.1, E.54, E.23, E.63, E.65.

Choose from hatchet or tulip oars.  Tulip version shown on size 4.5 pinky finger left and hatchet version shown on size 7 ring finger on the right.

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