Two Petite Oar Blade Bypass Rowing Cuff Bracelet

  • $ 85.00

Sterling silver or sterling silver/brass combination. Wire portion of bracelet is 2mm round with a petite oar blade on each end, measuring 7mm long. Rowing hatchet blades can be brass or sterling silver and they measure 7x5mm.

Bracelet is 8 inches long and can be adjusted with more or less overlap to modify the size. If you cannot slip your hand through the opening, spread the ends of the bracelet vertically apart as minimally as possible and slide your wrist in sideways.

Clean it with baking soda. This bracelet is meant to be worn blades up, with can catch- we recommend it for patient jewelry wearers!

Matching jewelry: earrings E.19, E.33, E.60, E.74, E.80, E.82. A similar style bracelet is B.52.Matching size necklaces are N.43, N.21c. Matching anklet A.2.

We can also create it in sterling silver and genuine 14kt gold combination 703-548-5509 to get pricing.