Custom Engraving

We offer laser engraved text and designs on 3D, textured and flat surfaces, CNC engraved text and designs on flat surfaces.

Laser Engraving

TEXT Laser engraving can be done on flat and dimensional surfaces, on metal (silver, gold, brass, copper, titanium, tungsten, platinum, stainless steel), 

Laser engraving on sterling silver Tiffany heart bracelet , by Rubini Jewelers
on wood, plastic, leather or media devices, with practice material provided by customer to ensure proper scaling of intensity. It typically results in darkness within the text, but this varies with material and intensity, and can additionally either be removed or enhanced.

 Our laser engraving can be done on metal, wood, plastic, leather, and thick paper on a variety of surface shapes and items. Many fonts are available. Any design is possible, i.e. family crests & logos. $20 and up. To see some basic rowing designs and fonts available for laser engraving, click Laser Engraving.

Pricing starts at $25 for brief text engraving on metal. Watch engraving starts at $30, and curved engraving or working around existing text higher.

Laser engraving on watch case by Rubini Jewelers

LOGOS/ARTWORK Laser engraving designs, logos, patterns, crests etc. can also be done.

For example: laser engraved fingerprint on silver starting at $75. 

Laser Engraved Finger Print on Sterling Silver Wedding Band, By Rubini Jewelers 

 Laser engraved family crest on silver, starting at $300.

 Laser Engraved Crest

Laser engraved photos starting at $75.

Laser engraved dog on silver by Rubini Jewelers

Titanium wedding band laser engraved with a custom nature ocean/mountains scene, starting at $75 for engraving, depending on material and design needs.

Laser engraved nature scene on titanium band by Rubini Jewelers

Laser engraved palladium wedding band, starting at $30.

Laser engraved palladium wedding band by Rubini Jewelers

To inquire about engraving projects, please contact us 703-548-5509

 Laser engraving font choices can be seen here.Laser Engraving Fonts at Rubini Jewelers


CNC Engraving



Our CNC machine is a precise mechanical engraver driven by use of a computer. It can be done only on flat surfaces: metal, glass, wood, stones. Many fonts are available. Any designs are possible, i.e. family crests & logos. $25 and up for small simple text, $75 and up for logos, and $300 and up for crests. It is a good choice for flat glass or stone surfaces, and/or flat surfaces sensitive to burning.
CNC engraved silver plated tray, by Rubini Jewelers

CNC engraving on wood by Rubini Jewelers