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Rubini Service Center

Most repairs and creations are done on the premises. We are happy to work with gold, silver, platinum, alternative metals, costume jewelry, pearls, beads, and random odds and ends.

Rubini Jewelers ring resizingRing Sizing- We re-size rings both up and down in a variety of metals: gold (all karats and colors), silver, platinum, palladium, titanium (limited range), stainless steel (limited range), brass. Sizing costs are $30 and up. (Resizing down, thin band, no stones, no pattern, is $30 in gold, for example. Wider bands, with different stones, with pattern, up or down, incur higher charges, as does quicker than normal turn around.)

Rubini Jewelers gemstone settingStone Setting- We can match and replace stones if need be and securely place them in any style of setting. We can also repolish select types of worn stones, or facet completely uncut raw minerals.

Rubini Jewelers miscellaneous jewelry repairMiscellaneous Jewelry Repair- Soldering, plating, adjusting, tightening, gluing, polishing, prong repair... You name it, we can do it.

Rubini Jewelers bead restringingRestringing- We restring pearls and beads on a variety of strings including nylon, silk, plastic, wire... with knots or without. We are also able to help reconfigure the pattern and layout of beads that have fallen and scattered. Restringing cost $18 (for a bracelet, average bead size, no knots) and up.

Rubini Jewelers watch serviceWatch Repair-  We replace the batteries of both quartz and solar watches/clocks as well as adjust/replace watch straps, normally while you wait. We also repair/clean movements or replace them if need be. 

Rubini Jewelers custom jewelryCustom Design- We can use your stones or our stones, and your metal or our metal, to custom create you anything in the jewelry realm. Rings, Pins, Pendants, Bracelets, Cufflinks, Tie Bars, Earrings, Etc. We will discuss the design with you at length, draw pictures, email photos of the progress.. whatever it takes to make your vision a reality. 

Rubini Jewelers engravingEngraving-  We engrave on a variety of materials including metals, wood, leather, media devices, odd metal sculptures, lighters, watches, Knives/swords and sometimes stones & flat/thick glass... For more information on engraving click Custom Engraving

Come visit our shop in Old Town Alexandria VA to see what vast creativity we are capable of! Call/email 703-548-5509 with questions.