Brass Cuff Bracelet Engraved with Rubini Evil Eye Design

  • $ 97.00

The bracelet is 1/2 inch wide and fits a 6-8 inch wrist, depending on the open span. Bracelet itself is 8 inches inside as shown. The evil eye design was originally created with the intention that its user would be protected from the 'evil eye' or from dark energy from malevolent beings. We embellished the original eye design with our own twist of spirals, that represent life unfolding cyclically. 

Unsealed brass. Bracelet will oxidize and darken or even turn green with time and exposure. It can be enjoyed as is and the patina relished, or cleaned with baking soda or even polished up with a brass cream. 

Created with love and the hope that we all feel safe and loved in the world <3