Medium Hatchet Oar Wrap Rowing Ring

  • $ 41.00

Sterling Silver. This is a bold but not too bold rowing ring. Blade measures approximately 16mm long by 10mm wide (3/4" x 3/8"). We call it medium to describe it's relative size in comparison to our other oar wrap rings. It is shown on a size 7 finger.

Please note: valid up to size 10.

You have the option of having this ring adjustable - you can change the size of the ring somewhat or non adjustable - ring will be soldered a fixed size. Even if you choose adjustable, please indicate a size so that we can be sure to provide you with a ring that fits well.

This item can be engraved, click here for custom engraving or additional stock images can be found animalsmiscellaneoussportsspiritual.

Sterling silver does oxidize (darken) which in contact with oxygen and or acid, it happens! Clean is with baking soda (dry or as a paste) or add a polish cloth.

Call or email for custom options call or email 703-548-5509/

We donate $1 to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for each ring sold. Help us save the bay!