Pair Rowing Boat in Silver on Copper Cuff Bracelet

  • $ 100.00

Sterling Silver on Unsealed Copper. Handmade, one of a kind piece made in house by Jaime Rubini. Copper cuff is ~ 1 inch wide and sterling silver pair is about 1.5 inches long.  It fits wrists from 6 to 9 inch circumference- it is a large bracelet, good for big wrists.

Copper is known to have advantageous effects on joints...the metal is actually used by the body to build collagen.  To clean the silver, use baking soda.

Copper can and probably will at some point leave a green mark on your skin, however, the green comes off with soap and water.  If you are not able to order this online, please call us 703-548-5509 and we'll make another one just for you.