Silver Tumi Post Earrings

  • $ 40.00

Sterling silver with oxidized finish.  Made in house at Rubini Jewelers. Measure 18mm long (3/4 inch). Come with sterling silver backs.

From Wikipedia "Tumi (Quechua for 'Knife', variants: 'Tome', 'Tume'), is a generic term encompassing the many kinds of sharp tools utilized in pre- and post-colonial eras of the Central Andes region, Tumis were employed for a diverse set of purposes such as kitchen knives, agricultural tools, warrior or hunting secondary weapons, sacrificial knives, barber implements, pendants, or medical tools." This symbol is nearly synonymous with Inca and Peru. The design is widely recognized in Peruvian handicrafts and jewelry.

Clean them with baking soda paste or a polishing cloth.