Sterling Silver 7/16" Nuts Dangle Earrings by Rubini Jewelers

  • $ 50.00

Sterling Silver. The imaginative gift for your boat rigger, coxswain & coach. We know that these nuts are readily available in stainless steel from your local hardware and lying around the floor of your boathouse, but they are not sterling silver!  There is just something special about sterling silver that kicks them up a notch.They are based on genuine threaded 7/16'' nuts and hang on sterling silver French wires. They are hand finished so will vary incrementally in size, meaning they are probably not appropriate for boat use, but in a pinch, you could try! They measure about 10-11mm diameter, and about 25mm long from the top of the ear wire.

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We can make them in gold as well, please inquire 703-548-5509