Sterling Silver Petite Rowing Blades Linked Anklet

  • $ 150.00

Sterling silver anklet just like our B.10 bracelet, but longer. 

Anklets are on average 9 inches to 11 inches long, with 10mm long (1/3 inch) long rowing blades- either hatchet (angular, modern shape) or tulip (symmetrical, classic shape) and a lobster clasp.

Available in hatchet and tulip styles. Both are shown, please select your preference and indicate what size anklet you desire. These can also be adjusted smaller by clasping into a shorter opening.

Matching bracelet B.10 and B.95. Matching stud earrings are E.19, fun alternatives are E.33, E.60, E.74, E.80, E.82. Matching size necklaces are N.43, N.21c.