Valentine's Day Gift Brainstorm

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Yes, the very commercialized holiday of Valentine's Day looms. There is pressure to buy flowers, candy, jewelry! We sell jewelry, so what follows is a brainstorm of how to approach the day, both traditionally and non-traditionally.

Some men, and especially women, appreciate adornments for the body. Rings, earrings, bracelets, anything. If you happen to be the observant kind, or if your local jewelers happen to be observant, then maybe even a wish list is available to select from items that tickle his/her fancy. Anything from these natural pink Andean opal silver earrings just $45,

Andean opal sterling silver dangle rowing earrings by Rubini Jewelers

to this stunning white gold pink tourmaline and diamond ring $1997.



If you want to wrap around her wrist,

just $70 for this sterling silver multi semi precious stones estate bracelet.
If she really doesn't need or want another bauble because she has about a million already, and you still want to honor the well intentioned but commercial Valentines Day, then I have some ideas.
Jewelry Cleaning/Polishing: Engagement rings are often the victims of neglect. They are kept sparkling clean when they are new, and then over time, we succumb to acclimation and assume they've either lost their twinkle or we lose interest in cleaning them, or we forget that we even can clean them. White gold especially can turn yellowish, and prongs can accumulate the detritus of life: gardening dirt, bread dough, skin cream, etc.
Surprise your sweetie by either cleaning her jewelry at home- use baking soda/ & water paste on sterling silver and white gold to remove oxidation. Soak stones in hot water to loosen long term hardened debris. Use a tooth brush to get into crevices. Or if you are worried about damaging anything or knocking stones out or would rather pass on the labor (and business) to your grateful local jeweler-bring it in!
Dirty diamond engagement ring before cleaning and polishing
We can polish big and small items, from ring cleaning, to bigger necklaces polished like new.
Polishing jewelry at Rubini Jewelers
This ring will make her feel twinkly all over again <3 <3
White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring after Cleaning and Polishing at Rubini Jewelers
Cleaning can also bring to your awareness any issues that need attending to- like loose stones, or restringing that needs doing.
Jewelry Redesign
This category can run the gamut from quick inexpensive changes to dramatic redos. For example, a never worn strand of pearls might just need a remix with other beads, or shortening, or lengthening, or even dismantling into earrings and a multi strand bracelet. Or an unused ring can be broken down into earrings and a pendant. You don't have to make all the choices, just the suggestion of visiting your local jeweler, accompanying her and supporting her during the exploration process of a redo, is the gift. Standing with her while she goes through options, even if you are in another place in your head, being there and feeling supportive of her is a gift.Topaz and Diamond pendant and ring created reusing customer's earrings
Happy Valentine's Day...for what it's worth, it's just about love, about sharing, about thoughtfulness.  We love you!

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