Handmade Multi Layered Platinum Sapphire Ring Project

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We are sometimes blessed to be approached by adventurous customers who want to break out of the standard / normal / usual jewelry designs and venture into sculptural territory. This project is just such a case. Our customer wanted a big blue stone. We brainstormed gemstones, colors and shapes. We finally sourced the big blue, a deeper rich blue sapphire, natural except for the usual heating performed on corundum, emerald cut.

Next step was designing the ring. She wanted a many banded, multi layered, asymmetrical ring, created in platinum. The biggest hurdle here was not so much making the ring, as that she wouldn't know what she liked as far as arrangement, until she had it on hand. We first drew options for the layered bands arrangement, and then once she picked the one that most appealed to her, we then did drawings showing the same ring from all different angles. This was done for both our customer (we love her!) and for ourselves.

We handmade the platinum ring, arranged and rearranged the bands, added the setting, seated the stone, then changed the setting for a heavier more sculptural effect, and finally set the stone in the heavier, funkier prongs and finished it with a polish. Photos of the project follow. The entire project took about 3 months with the delay of life interrupting and the evolving changes made. The final product is a self expressive statement by our customer. Jewelry both reveals our hidden depths and emboldens us, depending on where the item is worn on the body. Color of the stones and metal used are absolutely details that affect the final power of the jewelry worn, depending on the innate craving of the wearer. 

This project was a pleasure...Jewelry creation, for all of it's angst because there is angst in custom making anything for another or even for ourselves, plus the sensitivity of setting stones, is always rewarding!Layered platinum Bands Ring in Progress, by Rubini JewelersPlatinum layered bands ring, the beginning, by Rubini JewelersLayered Band Platinum Sapphire Ring, by Rubini JewelersSideview of Layered Platinum Bands and Sapphire Ring by Rubini JewelersLayered Platinum Bands and Sapphire Ring, handmade by Rubini JewelersPlatinum Layered Bands Sapphire Ring by Rubini Jewelers, 1Layered Bands Platinum Sapphire Ring by Rubini Jewelers, 2

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