The Great Swirl Ring Masterpiece

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This engagement ring project was brought to us by a couple who had all of their own family diamonds.  The woman wanted a very bold, very wide, magical ring. She brought us samples of her style and a drawing of what she wanted, which was an 18mm across on top white gold ring with yellow gold leaves, swirls, bezels and 1 rim.  We had never tackled such a behemoth 2 tone creation, so we tackled it several different ways to handle our naïveté. What we discovered was, soldering thin yellow gold details to a heavy white gold band results in melted yellow gold. So in order to create the whimsical ring, we used much heavier swirls and bezels and then filed them down for delicacy. We ultimately used a map-drawing of the ring done entirely by our creative customer. The unfolding follows:

Step one in Rubini Jewelers creation of handmade 2tone gold swirl and diamond engagement ring

Another phase in the creation of handmade swirl 2tone gold and diamond engagement ring

2tone gold swirl and diamond engagement ring coming along, by Rubini Jewelers

White and Yellow Gold Diamond Swirl Engagement by Rubini Jewelers, in progress

Swirls and Leaves White and Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring, pictured next to customer's drawing of it, by Rubini Jewelers

Swirl and Leaves Diamond Engagement Ring by Rubini Jewelers, final product

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