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Between people waking up to the fact that anything goes for a wedding band, and covid's imposed work from home time, we have been blessed with a streak of custom wedding ring projects in the genre of contour bands. Our sentimental customers have unearthed long over-looked odds and ends of family jewelry while cleaning out their closets. And these have provided the gemstones to create their dream wedding bands.

Why a contour band?  I personally liken contour bands to a shawl, a wrap, a hug, around the engagement ring. Which is an even more potent symbol when reusing family stones. 

This first ring is a very modest makeover. She wanted rings less rigid, sharp, and overwhelming to the star of the show, her engagement ring. The new bands have more fluidity on her finger and use far fewer of her stones. They are also made without the gallery of the jacket ring, so their profile is well lower than her engagement ring. The effect is a tasteful smile, rather than grandmother's 

Dual contour 14kt white gold diamond wedding bands, reusing customer's stones by Rubini Jewelers


Nesting band in platinum with diamonds, created using a mold of the engagement ring- it was made as a surprise so we were permitted 1 day only to map the engagement ring.

 Platinum Diamond Angled Contour Band by Rubini Jewelers


We used diamonds and an oval sapphire from our customer's family to handmake this bezel set contour ring, shown resting flush atop her antique cushion engagement ring.

14kt gold bezel diamonds and sapphire contour band by Rubini Jewelers, using family stones


Our mathematically inclined groom insisted that we follow the 'tangent wave' of his bride to be's family engagement ring shape. We made a mold to allow her to keep her ring on her finger while we took our time to make this contour band, 14kt yellow gold and diamonds.14kt Yellow Gold and Diamonds Tangent Wave Contour Wedding Band, Rubini Jewelers


This ring, also handmade, we created to nest with our customer's antique 2 stone bypass engagement ring.  We used her material: her gold, her stones, and just added the white gold settings.

Custom 14kt gold contour wedding band to nest with antique 2 stone engagement ring, by Rubini Jewelers

And because our next customer loved the above set, upon seeing the pictures, she had us create a bypass 2 stone diamond ring plus a contour diamond wedding band to match- using all of her diamonds. Handmade, yes!

Custom Bypass Two Stone Engagement Ring and Contour Wedding Band, by Rubini Jewelers

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