Wedding Rings: Black and White Band Ideas by Rubini Jewelers

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Welcome to August 2020. We are in the midst of a planet wide awakening. Which means that we all don't have to follow the established norm any longer, including choices for wedding jewelry: how to wear it, where to wear it.

Traditionally in North America, wedding rings are worn on the left ring finger, with the wedding ring first (closest to the heart) and the engagement next. Now, some people just use one big wide 18kt Gold Black and White Diamonds Wave Design Ring at Rubini Jewelers

ring. This 18kt white gold diamond wave design ring is a perfect candidate for wearing a single ring rather than 2 rings. 

Another trend: freedom of color, design, pattern! Mixing metal colors is your choice, they are your rings after all. For example, a quick sketch of possible rings to go with this wave style ring:

Black and White Diamonds 18kt Gold Wave Ring with matching bands sketch by Rubini Jewelers

It can be paired with a nesting style band, in any color metal, plain, or even engraved with a design. The bottom most ring is a little watery wave and fish engraved into the nesting band. Because maybe you love fishing? Or met at the beach? or mutually love the ocean? Or are both zodiac water signs?

The second from bottom is simple plain gold. It could be rose or white or silver metal...anything goes.

The design just above the diamond wave ring shows a braid...the weaving together of 2 lives, or maybe you met in a hair salon, or per West African Adinkra symbol tradition, a woven mat represents a solid marriage...always good to bring this idea into a wedding ring.

Topmost, the design is a simple message "You arrived just in time" because we all change and grow in life. We meet each other when we are meant to because we vibrationally match. This meeting of vibrations always comes right on time in our lives, to support us, to help us grow, to bless us in one way or another.

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