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So we are working on a new sign for our store front, not that there's anything wrong with our current signage, except sometimes things need to be changed to be seen.

Plus, our old signs, although beautifully made by a wandering artist (literally), are WAY to long to be hung away from our building at a jaunty 45degree angle.  And upon analysis of our signs, we came to the conclusion that one sign is hidden by our neighbor's huge holly hedge,  one sign leads folks to believe the upstairs salon is our jewelry store, and the third sign is WAAAY up on the side of our building- and honestly, who ACTUALLY glances up at the sky as they walk down the street sending emails? 
Our fist logo redo incorporates a well-known coffee makers design aesthetic that circles are memorable:Jaime (Rubini) the boss wanted the rowing blade more subtle than the big oars on our other signs...and although the red dot is lovely and eye-catching, it really does resemble a hatchet (AXE) chopping through RUBINI...Are we butchers? Murderers? What?
Our latest logo will hopefully solve the dilemma faced by all of the folks that walk by and do happen to notice us.  We sill have the ROWING hatchet blade, because we are, after all, still rowers and still maRubinilogo2016king rowing jewelry.  But, we've transformed the 'random' red dot to reflect what we actually do all day: a gemstone to show we idle away the hours playing with jewelry.  We still love red, and there are a few Rubini's in the biz who are born in July- so ruby is the stone we added to our get up...  WHACHA think? 

We are going to put it on that jaunty little sign sticking out from our building at 45degrees, just like we dreamed.  Hopefully sooner than later.  And then maybe we can distract the walkers and drivers by enough to take notice of our little slice of heaven!

UPDATE: March 11, 2016 We have now gone back & forth between the jaunty angled from the corner of our building hanging sign, to simply replacing our 3 existing signs with new ones, still flat against the building.  But alas, our existing signs are carved & gorgeous.

SO, we are going to repaint them!  Here's a preview:Paintsign1The project is being tackled by Grandma Rubini- Raquel...85 years young!  She painted the letters black.

Update March 13, 2016 Next SLOOWW step: painting the red white...


And now painting the water red:

Update March 19, 2016 We finally finished the sign and hung it...Finished Front Rubini Sign

August 24, 2016 Update

Here is the store front with our new little sign in place of the repainted one: (It's the one under the window...A little blurry with the sun glare.


Update January 19, 2017

The landlord upgraded the windows...Window Replacing


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