Jewelry Addiction

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I'm pretty sure all of us have an addiction to something.  Some people are addicted to consuming substances: drugs, alcohol, sweets, french fries, cigarettes, coconut oil (don't laugh- I've been there), nuts (a tough one to break!) And some people are addicted to activities: exercise, shopping, sex, gambling, reading, meditating, cleaning...And most are addicted to a combination of things.  WHY? It ultimately comes down to our seeking a feeling.  What feeling?  Well duh- we just want to feel GOOD.  That is the ultimate quest in life.  It's why we do it all: why we exercise. or why we sit on the couch and eat bonbons. It's why we gamble and keep gambling despite sometimes losing, and why we shop and keep shopping to fulfill that deep rooted desire in us to feel good. And the truth is, feeling good comes from within not from without. If you deeply believe your life is good and the people in it are loving and supportive and that you are a good loving abundant deserving creature...then guess what?? When you do gamble consciously, eat consciously, shop consciously, exercise, etc. - the experience of it WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.  

How in the world does this relate to Rubini Jewelers? 

Our best customers are happy customers- happiness can be contagious. If you come to us with a vague idea of getting jewelry or designing jewelry but you're not sure and feeling slightly desperate or anxious about the experience, or you are anticipating being disappointed again in your jewelry experience, then THAT'S WHAT YOU'LL PROBABLY EXPERIENCE.  But, if you take the time to listen to your heart's desire, then your jewelry shopping/designing experience might actually be right on point.  That is magical!! Imagine, walking into a store with a frenzied feeling, and slowing your thoughts down enough to remember 1) what your aesthetic is 2) what meaning you'd like to assign to the jewelry you seek 3) what feeling you want the jewelry to invoke in you 4) how you'd like the shopping/designing experience to feel. Once again, all I can call this is magic!! Everyone needs magic. We don't need desperate shopping grabbing at this thing and that in attempt to quell your thirst for feeling good.  We all simply need to listen to our beautiful inner selves, and she will tell us exactly what we like and why.  

Rubini Jewelers is here to help you manifest your vision.  To help you listen to your inner wisdom, not sell you the biggest rock we got. With patience and love, always :o)


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