Guide to the Imperfect Gift

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We at Rubini Jewelers have customers come in to get gifts for both themselves and others.  Sometimes the selections are bang on, and sometimes not, for both self and others. WHY? First, love (or respect or whatever positivity you can muster) for the recipient is tres importante.  If you buy a bauble to show riches or knowledge or martyrdom, the recipient just might not get it.  They might think the gift is over the top and not respect the purchase, they may think its ingenuine and not appreciate it, they may think it's cheap and not value it.  BUT, if you put your heart into it, you are far more likely to select wisely.  Wise choices have nothing to do with how much or little spent, they are very simply tapping in to what you know of either the person or yourself.

If you put effort and positive vibes into the gift, and the recipient still genuinely does not like it, that does not even matter!  Because its the thought that counts.  If he or she chooses to exchange the item, that means that she simply has a different aesthetic than you, that you could not guess at.  But luckily she feels secure enough in her respect (love,admiration, and/or esteem) for you that she's comfortable admitting to a desire to make an exchange.  But she still knows in her heart that you meant her the very best intention through the getting and giving of the gift. In other words, gift giving is easy...whether we succeed or fail,

"All you need is LOVE" (to quote the fab 4 Beatles).

Personally, this year I've nearly reached the deadline of Christmas Day and have purchased very few gifts.  WHY?? Well, I really mostly want to spend quality time with my loved ones.  So I did get gifts because thanks to preemptive research I knew exactly what to get. And for the surprise gifts, I thought a day spent exploring fun shops and places would be a super bonus gift to both them and me :o) 

Happiest Joyfullest Holiday Wishes

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