2020 Transformation at Rubini Jewelers

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Here we are in March 2020 and my dreams are coming true!  I used to see all the little bits of Wires and Bits at Rubini Jewelersmiscellaneous wire, odds and ends of tools, chunks of coal blocks, Rubini Jewelers Workbench Clean Upbroken costume jewelry pieces, not to mention my own pile of to do lists and updates needed, and I used to despair at the chaos that seemed to encroach on our efficiency. But changes are afoot. EVERYWHERE! 


Our Virgilio Rubini, the brother that does our watch repairs and engraving, has sifted through the New Shelves at Rubini Jewelersaccumulation of wires and tools and found organization, plus built us some lovely structures on which to work. A new locationNew Jeweler Aldo Arce Joining the Ranks at Rubini Jewelers has been secured for our focus point soldering machine (Sparky) which will soon be visible in action to the public. We have also been joined by a long time master jeweler Aldo Arce after his previous store closed O'Rourke Jewelers after 30 years. We feel blessed to have his skill and positivity  joining our own here at Rubini Jewelers.

My own piles of papers have been sifted through and prioritized and either discarded or accomplished, or at least they don't linger on every surface! Thanks again to my Uncle Virgilio for organizing my space.

And our customers are following suit. Old jewelry, broken jewelry, odd jewelry- it is no longer languishing in drawers and boxes. The guilt associated with redoing, repurposing or reselling our inherited Dad's Gold Diamond Ring Surgically Altered by Rubini Jewelersvintage jewelry seems to have been lifted and we all are realizing we are free. Our dearly departed cannot wear jewelry as such, and furthermore, only wish us well. Items that were once sacrilegious to touch are being dismantled with enthusiasm and gratitude.  This 3 stone diamond ring was a big bold man ring that was fortunately solid construction. Transforming it was a simple matter of giving it contour to better reflect the curves of the woman who inherited it. 

Our piece de resistance was a wildly bucolic brooch of 18kt yellow and white gold and diamonds- a pin of lillies whose 3 inch span nearly toppled it's owner. We have begun editing it into it's lovely constituent parts Antique Gold Diamond Brooch Turned Earrings by Rubini Jewelersstarting with three smart pairs of earrings. The pin has much real estate left but the earrings gleaned thus far are fantastic. 

What can you transform?  Join us in 2020...

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