How to Stay in Love With Your Wedding Rings

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We all know the story, we’ll have our wedding rings forever. The selection of the perfect ring to last a lifetime is vitally important. Choose poorly and we’ll be stuck with them forever. Some of us are less sentimental than others, so those people would swap the old out for new rings in a heartbeat given the opportunity, if they felt a waning passion for their original rings. But sometimes a few factors weigh in. Like financial means to buy entirely new rings. And even more important than cash flow is probably sentimental attachment to our original rings. So we limp on (yes, this is a dramatic statement) with our original rings, because we love our mate, even if we don’t necessarily love our rings anymore. Guilt about wanting to change them haunts us. 

We’ve now entered the Age of Enlightenment. We can truly have our heart’s desire. We can have our pie and eat it too. What we offer is the option to subtly or dramatically change your existing wedding rings.  Not by making new rings, but by changing some aspect of your original rings.  Some of our customers come in every year and add another pair of diamonds to their rings, some people reuse the band and just change the setting style holding the center stone.

This sapphire diamond ring got an additional 2 smaller sapphires, preserving the original ring but adding more drama and volume.

Sapphire Diamond White Gold Ring With Added Sapphires

For the halo ring that follows, the original ring had the larger diamond flanked by 2 sapphires that protruded distractingly. We removed the entire center 3 stone section, added the halo nearly flush bezel set with the original diamond, and married the parts together into an easy to wear show stopper that much better reflected our customer's style and wearability needs. Photos show the sketched design, the final product, and the original shank before we added the new halo. Same ring, new top, true love.

Engagement Ring Redone by Rubini JewelersHalo Added to Top of Original Shank Engagement Ring by Rubini JewelersOriginal Engagement Ring Shank to be Reused in Made Over Ring by Rubini JewelersOriginal Engagement Ring Shank to be Reused in Made Over Ring by Rubini Jewelers

This last example went on an excursion down the garbage disposal during which the original 1/4ct diamond was lost. Although our customer did not want a huge diamond, she was curious about a larger diamond and especially staying within her budget. Luckily, the antique platinum prongs survived the bashing and allowed for the setting of a half carat diamond, that was right on budget.  The secret to this success story was not a fake diamond, but rather a diamond grown in a lab rather than in nature. Same characteristics, made by humans instead of nature. She was over the moon with the transformation, so maybe the garbage disposal can be your ally? 

Original Vintage Collage Engagement Ring with Replacement Diamond

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